Behind The Brand

Garnet Label was inspired by the founder’s birthstone, garnet, which symbolizes strength, passion and friendship-all key factors that brought this brand to life. Drawing inspiration from a long list of strong women, Melissa Tuttle creates active fashion with a focus on style and comfort. And just like the garnet stone, Garnet Label designs stand out for their earthy and subtle aesthetics and can effortlessly fit into any active lifestyle. 

You may have seen this brand before because it was originally created for its flagship store, which evolved from Melissa’s passion for barre fitness. Branding began with this online store out of an eagerness to reach her ideal client while learning the ins & outs of a start-up fashion brand. The flagship store will continue to grow and develop along with 

Launching the namesake store is the result of lots of learning, lots of support and lots of passion for quality clothing that looks as good as it feels. Garnet’s Goal is to continue to create designs for on-the-go women by adding an effortlessly chic vibe to your look at home, work and play. Thank you for visiting and happy shopping!